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Returning to the blogosphere

It’s been about 2 years since I have written a blog post. I used to do it mainly to tie in with my university study, and since I finished I haven’t really had the inclination. For some reason today I thought it might be a good time to start again.

Since finishing study I have gone through some significant changes in my personal life, including getting engaged and having a baby, and professionally I have gone from managing a basketball association to casually coaching to now becoming a full time coach with the QAS volleyball program. The program has had some fairly significant structural changes in both staff and athletes.

QAS logo

The Volleyball Australia Queensland Academy of Sport Volleyball Program (I know its a mouthful, that’s why we just go with QAS Volleyball for short) has been around for years. It has led to Queensland being the dominant state for volleyball in Australia. (I haven’t got figures on how many Queenslander’s are in national teams just now, but I will in the near future and I’ll put them up)

2017 see’s a change in head coach (Craig Marshall) and the addition of a full time assistant coach (that’s me!). While we have maintained what we believe are a lot of the strengths of the program from recent years, our goal is to make the program better and take it forward with new innovations and improvements. To successfully do this Frog (Craig) and I have regular discussions about volleyball skills and tactics, as well as what he likes to call “the art of coaching”. I figure the best way to record some of this information is to put it up on a blog. After all, we want everyone to benefit from any good ideas we have, and if we can get some more from other people as well even better.




This blog was started for a Uni subject, and has since evolved into a place where I can voice my thoughts, typically about coaching and sport. I grew up in Sydney, then moved to Canberra for some further study in 2011 and when I finished in 2014 I moved up to Brisbane. I have played, coached and generally been involved with volleyball since 2013. As of 2017 I am now the QAS Volleyball Assistant Coach.

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