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More Rule Changes?

In a post I was reading More Rule Changes? it discussed a number of potential changes to volleyball. These include, servers to land behind the end line, back row attackers must land behind the attack line, eliminate open-hand tip, eliminate overhead serve receive, penalties for a missed serve?, free substitution, no contact with center line, no contact with the net, change in points for a set.

This had me thinking about what changes would actually improve the game of volleyball. Most of the time it is suggested that the rallies are too short and that extending the length of each point will make the game more interesting for spectators. In my experience, new people to the sport are overawed by the speed of the game play, not the number of times the ball crosses the net. I feel like improving the possibility for big kills and fast plays should be the way to go, not slow the game down and make it harder to win a point. Just like in every other sport, the most entertaining part of the game is the end of a point (or when you score a goal). Everybody loves to see a combo run and a massive kill that bounces inside the 3m line. We should find more ways of making that happen.

The reason I believe, that extending the rallies is a priority, is that when they do happen (which is quite rare in elite volleyball) it is because of some spectacular plays on the court. It isn’t the length of the rally that is entertaining, its the skill and athleticism displayed that everyone wants to see.



This blog was started for a Uni subject, and has since evolved into a place where I can voice my thoughts, typically about coaching and sport. I grew up in Sydney, then moved to Canberra for some further study in 2011 and when I finished in 2014 I moved up to Brisbane. I have played, coached and generally been involved with volleyball since 2013. As of 2017 I am now the QAS Volleyball Assistant Coach.

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