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For Sport Coaching Pedagogy, we needed to create a presenation on a topic of our choice that could be loaded onto the internet. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do mine on some nutritional information that I am going to present to the AUS junior girls overseas in Thailand.

The girls have had a food diary that they were expected to keep for a couple of days over the last few weeks before going to Thailand, and this will then be used as a discussion point as to what amount of foods they already eat and what they should start to eat more or less of.

Anyone who is interested can view my presentation at Nutrition but keep in mind that I had to record audio for this assignment where in Thailand it will be used as an interactive tool with the two girls teams that will be there so the audio is not really that great.

Essentially this information is meant to give the girls a little bit more of an idea of what they should think about when they are eating and the types and sizes of foods that they should have for their meals.



This blog was started for a Uni subject, and has since evolved into a place where I can voice my thoughts, typically about coaching and sport. I grew up in Sydney, then moved to Canberra for some further study in 2011 and when I finished in 2014 I moved up to Brisbane. I have played, coached and generally been involved with volleyball since 2013. As of 2017 I am now the QAS Volleyball Assistant Coach.

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