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Team Selection Dramas

Since I last posted regarding the notification process, I have already had some drama’s with girls not being happy regarding their potential roles in the squad. One girl doesn’t know if she wants to continue training as she will not be participating in the final competition and another simply isn’t happy with the likely role she will play in the team. It’s a shame that the time spent on these players always takes away from more beneficial things that could be done instead. All of this is happening before the first officil training for the squad as well; mind-boggling if you ask me.

Personally I’ve always been of the opinion that any opportunity you get will be beneficial, so to have a girl ask me if it is worth her coming along t0 continue training as a “shadow” member of the squad really frustrates me. If you didn’t make the team this time, how will not continuing to train with the squad improve your chances for next time? I guess the reality is that these are the people that don’t become elite athletes as they simply can’t handle the adversity that comes with competing at higher and higher levels.

The other girl that has been having issues isn’t happy with the particular position that I suggested she may be playing…the issue she doesn’t seem to realise is that by not wanting to play as a libero she will get far less court time at the competition. If I was in that situation (which I have been previously) I would take it as a challenge to show that I deserve to play in my preferred role every time I get a chance, instead of being upset that there is another position that the team could benefit from.

Fortunately for me this isn’t an uncommon problem. After all of 30 seconds of searching I found a reasonably good article (albeit targeted at the athlete) . In it there is discussion of how “you can choose to get motivated or de-motivated” and “you can choose to maintain a positive attitude in practice and at games or you can put on a cloak of negativity and “share” it with all those around you” Hopefully I can find a way of taking this advice and verbalising it to the squad as a whole without causing further distress. The best piece of information is in the closing statement “The problem is most often how you choose to react to the lack of Playing Time”

I guess these are the problems that come along with coaching teenage girls, I wish I could just tell them all to toughen up, but instead I’m going to have to help them through the issue.



This blog was started for a Uni subject, and has since evolved into a place where I can voice my thoughts, typically about coaching and sport. I grew up in Sydney, then moved to Canberra for some further study in 2011 and when I finished in 2014 I moved up to Brisbane. I have played, coached and generally been involved with volleyball since 2013. As of 2017 I am now the QAS Volleyball Assistant Coach.

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